Blackphone vs iPhone

If you are looking  for a reliable smartphone from a high end range then this article may help you decide what you would mostly prefer.


Everyday more and more people buy smartphones for their basic neccesity of communicating to keep their lives moving forward. Some people buy their phones for the sake of basic communicating purposes while many of the other consumer buyers buy the high end mobile devices for various reasons. People want a cool phone to show off, some like it functional that suits their lifestyle while the rest just need it to keep their lives simple.

Today in this blog, I will discuss about the comparisons of the two high end smartphones:

BlackPhone vs. iPhone [iPhone 5S (2013/14)]


Released on the market on June 30 2014, Only available in 16GB



A BlackPhone device is designed to keep your private details and your personal status safe. BlackPhone is a brandname for this device since the textured black colors and its industrial design appearence sets a clear representation to what this product is specifically made for. The people behind the BlackPhone product suggested that its for the people who prefers to roam around safely and therefore keeping their status more subtle looking and low profile. Hence allowing a person to have a better sense of security



Blackphone (manufactured by SGP Technologies, SA) is powered by a modified android version called PrivatOS with its cpu and processor: 2ghz quad core chip and the System on chip – Tegra 4i. It sports with a 4.7 inch IPS LCD display with a 5mp front facing camera and an 8mp back facing camera. Housed with a 16GB internal memory, 2gb of ram. It onlly weighs at 119 grams. 2000 mAH li-ion battery.

                                                                                iPhone (iPhone 5S)

"Forward Thinking" "You are more powerful than you think"

iPhone 5S available in 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB options and comes in 3 different colors of Silver white, Champagne Gold and Space Gray.

An iPhone is a device that is designed by Apple Inc. California and has been one of the biggest product lines for Apple (especially on the market) since the first iPhone unveiled in 2007. iPhones from Apple are designed and engineered to some precise measures in terms of a user using the simple user interface powered by its operating system that boasts efficiency with minimal clutter and the way it is built for ergonomics. Some do say that iOS devices is a safe device when it is used appropriately (unless jailbroken).

iPhone 5S as of 2013/14 period is the most updated version of the iPhone 5. It has a 4 inch retina display (at 1136 by 640 pixels at 326 pixels per inch) with an 8megapixel iSite camera with a true tone flash, a 1.2 mp front facing camera. A fingerprint touch ID on the tactile home button. Powered by 1.3 Ghz dual core A7 chip with an M7 Co-processor chip to increase energy efficeincy. It’s camera features contains a true tone flash (dual LED flash), panorama, burst mode, photos while video recording, slo mo 720p HD video at 120frames per second, 1080 p full HD video at 30fps, iPhone 5S is available in 3 internal memory storage options of 16gb, 32gb and 64gb and its colorways are available in Champagne Gold, Space Gray and Silver/White. Battery life from its predecessor has improved by 25 more hours that equates to a total of 250hrs on standby. Battery size: 1560 mAH Weight: 112 grams (still the lightest iphone for a very long time).



My personal opinion –

From what I’ve researched about these two phones. Its better to say that none of them is better than the other. They are built for its very different purposes and it is largely dependent on what a user really wants hence the personal preference.


If you want a phone that fits closely within most of your criteria (or what you want in the phone) with high quality functional features that keeps you going, adequate level of security and portability then the iPhone may be the one for you, but not when it comes to price wise. Lighter and more pocketable than the BlackPhone.


  • Snap high quality 8 mega pixel photos with the camera quality of a wider f/2.2 aperture
  •  Easy to use
  • Photo modes through three color ven-diagram icon on the camera app.
  • Twice as fast than its predecessor, up to 40 x faster than the first generation iPhone.
  •  Higher security (not jailbroken)


  • Some applications from the app store may be highly priced
  • Price tag of an iPhone handset is high
  •  Some say that a 4 inch screen is relatively small compared to other high end smartphones
  • 1136 by 640 pixels is not full hd but is viewed at a quality of at least 720p (unless connected to a TV or computer then it will full hd)


On the other the hand if you’d rather go for a cheaper option and not likely to exceed the memory flash storage of 16gb, decent camera (front and back) good screen size, security and serves your everyday life purposes then BlackPhone is probably your better option and better selfie pictures.


  • Slightly cheaper than the latest iPhone.
  • Decent camera especially the front facing camera to take better selfie and full HD video chat
  •  Better sense of security
  • Screen resolution at is perfect for 1080p full HD or 720p HD



  •  No other colorways for this type of product
  • Just entered the market as of June 2014 as it only targets only a relatively small portion of the whole audience on the smartphone market
  • 16GB storage as the only option for now.
  • No memory slot.




As I’ve stated about the features and functionalities of each phone; neither of the phones are better than the other, it is solely dependent on a persons’ personal preference. If you ask for my advice then I’d go for the iPhone because of the above statements I made earlier in this blog. At the end the day the choice is yours. So you pick, iPhone or BlackPhone.

I don’t own the pictures.




My road to career X (unknown)


For those who don’t know me, my name is Ally (aka Alistair) and I am an I.T. Degree student based in Hamilton New Zealand. I’m also a social media enthusiast and an Intern for EcoSynergyGroup involved in the ongoing project of a facebook page called Story Behind Every NZ Youth:

Since I’m a social media intern for a facebook page I continue to move forward with all my time and energy as it has always been worth while and to see how far I can get from there.

Some say I’m more of a tech savvy, some say I may be a bit of a freak and off course there are some who think that I’m just an ordinary human being but at the end I’m just myself and I enjoy with what I do in many different situations but I’m still happy. Being happy is what really counts in life…. thats how I value it as one of the importance to live well.

Let’s start of with talking about my high school life. My life at high school was neither too bad or too good, despite experiencing some down times but I had some good times too. I did get a few awards for something outstanding but I thought to myself that I truly worked hard for what I deserved. Some of the known work pieces I had at school was my graphics with a bit of math and science.

I enjoyed a lot of sports including athletics but the one a liked the best was football (soccer). I also played a bit of music but I mostly did my violin until the age of 15 for nearly 8 years.

I guess my best years in my high school was 2007 and 2008 and those were my peak times but as I battled through 2009 that was my biggest downfall in my entire life. 2010 was pretty much my relaxing year but needing a bit more school credits to fill in my qualifications towards my higher education.

In 2011 I was doing my bridging course in National Computing Certificate to get a good feel of getting to a higher level. I thought I didnt like computers back then but then I went and moved on to do the draughting course for two years part time and dropped out in mid 2013.

I had really mixed feelings about 2013 there was a mixture of good parts and bad parts but I want to forget the bad parts altogether. I became involved in AIESEC in 2013 and got promoted to the position for Wintec as an Expansion Manager. Since I was in this position I learnt a lot from it while it has been a rewarding experience and continued on to push me further but my period of that position has ended in disaster and subsequently got ousted from the organisation. What I felt about leaving my position was that it really hurts not being able to do the stuff that hasn’t yet been finished.

I mean the unanswered question is how can I help them to achieve the common goal within the AIESEC Local Committee? The only thing I wanted to help AIESEC is to provide opportunities to the other students at Wintec and I felt that something I could have done was really missing. If I had continued on then it wouldn’t negatively impact too much for what the organisation was really focusing on. But it was a totally difficult decision when I resigned from AIESEC despite having to gain a lot of personal values and experience well over nothing.

Today I am currently doing my first year in I.T. and I thought it has been the courage to be on this pathway as I understood more about myself and what i wanted to do with my future and this is where I feel I can accomplish great challenging things.

In my spare time I’ve been focusing on fine tuning my social media platform and basically turn my academic life as an interest a hobby and everything seems to fit in together well. Social life, family life, own time also comes in together too and I feel happy and not only that, I’m also a constant thinker about getting ideas down for my future career prospects.

Offcourse there are great opportunities I could take into an account: working in a telecommunications industry, or a great company, could it be social media but all of that could as well be some of the possibilities but if any of those options doesn’t work then it doesn’t effect too much with how I am moving on. “What drives me to go forward is I always refuse to give up and give it all for what it takes to get better at the end” this is what makes me unique that allows me to step back a bit and think about collaborating ideas and make it innovatively creative because thats what I like doing (I like technologies off course) I do have a feeling that I do see myself as being a business worker one day.

As you have been reading this blog, I’ve been writing blogs week in, week out and it hasn’t been an easy job but its worth it. I not only do blogging but I also use twitter and a bit of youtube.

Thank you for reading my story so far.



By Alistair


P.S. Feel free to read more blogs I will compose weekly or fortnightly. I mainly talk about technologies. My target audience is those who care about the technologies that shape our lives easier.




Screen Toughness comparisons vs. our Gravity.

Whether we are at home, work or at a college, there are touch screens everywhere. We take our phones or tablets with us where ever we go. The mobile devices are used for various reasons to efficiently communicate within the communications network. Only one thing that raises the issue of this topic is “broken screens” and how we go about rectifying these common everyday problems.

There are at least two kinds of smartphone users; those that are careless while the rest are cautious:
People that are not cautious about their phones are prone to dropping their smartphone devices and their chances of damaging the screen is pretty high depending on how it lands and how it falls from a certain height. The smartphones today without a protective case are exposed to grazes, chaffing, scratched and being chipped but the worse of all is having the screen shattered. Cracked screens have always been a nightmarish sensation for so many people worldwide especially if it has been bought straight off the shelf. This could be why people in common have not given themselves a time to think of solutions before any unattractive happening to their luxury hand set.

People who care for their phones usually add extra protections to their devices especially if it is an affordable mobile device. A good protective case ranges on an average price of US$10 to US$20. An expensive case is for people who are likely to be away from home and do vigorous activities or working in industrial work places. A common recommendation for an average user would be a case that protects the phone from having a shattered screen.
Most smartphone screens are either made of gorilla glass or plastic. Usually the high to mid end smartphones are made of gorilla glass:

Corning Gorilla Glass cover is made of some substrate layers of chemically strengthened glass which is 20 times harder than any standard glass and 30 times harder than plastic as well. It is known for its high levels of scratch resistance but usually won’t survive as it impacts the ground which causes the glass to shatter (or crack).

Plastic screen displays are made of substrate layers of hardened plastic. It is only considered durable when you throw the phone or drop it and it is still hard wearing despite being scratched or chipped. Some people are self-contented with plastic if they like basic features within the phone that does not break as easily as the phones with gorilla glass. Plastic screen phones are an ideal recommendation for basic mobile users hence the price tag on an affordable phone.

However the sapphire crystal glass has newly emerged into the mobile market since Apple Inc. is the first company to ever complete an acquisition for high quality glass. Research claims that sapphire crystal glass may have the similar durability in comparison to plastic screens and more hardwearing than the gorilla glass today. Sapphire crystal glass is a breakthrough concept for future smart devices including tablet computers.

Here are a couple of videos demonstrating about the uses of the gorilla glass and sapphire crystal glass. To see how you would conclude about what kind of smartphone you would have in the future.

Your next battery could live with you for weeks

Ryden Dual Carbon battery.


Whether it’s your phone, your acomputer or your car then this is the right article for you to read about.

Japanese based company Power Japan Plus has recently unveiled an array of newly reengineered prototype batteries that charges up to 20 times faster and it’s battery life surpasses any other standard Lithium ion batteries. Lithium Ion batteries are found mostly in mobile computers and smartphones and sometimes found in battery powered cars.

(PJP)Power Japan Plus has tested the cars with their integrated innovation that enables the cars’ travelling distance for up to 480 km on a single charge.

The batteries are mostly made of carbon that is 100% recyclable, cheaper, and safer to use. Not only the batteries can be used for the car industry but having to extend further into other areas (for instance: smartphones, laptops) that would use carbon batteries could all be one of the possibilities. Carbon batteries are environmentally friendly since it’s 100% recyclable, safer to use, and inexpensive to mass produce.

An everyday problem in smartphones, tablets and laptops (regardless of the peoples knowledge) powered by Li-Ion batteries may no longer be the norm. A device that has Li-Ion batteries could be in the house, at work or at college. People should not be alarmed by its hazardous materials that it contains; a lot of people are already exposed to it so it may require some personal precautions when handling any mobile devices or laptops etc.

Ryden Dual Carbon batteries would be a killer solution to everyone’s everyday common problems. The battery will ultimately last longer and charge up almost in no time as the device is being plugged in to the wall. It will also have more charge cycles (therefore the battery quality will last longer) about 400 – 500 charge cycles.