Upgrade your phone to iPhone 6? Here’s why or why not?

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Apple has always been well known for their successful product lines and the iPhone products happens to be a huge hit on the market today. The iPhone product line refreshes its top of the market status in the smartphone industry once a year as they release a newer flagship device. An iPhone is considered to be a high end smartphone with a world class performing specifications.


iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C as of 2013/2014.


So where do the upgrading choices fall on?

Many mainstream smart device consumers can get trapped in a dilemma whether to upgrade their phones or not (e.g.

For the iPhone 5S users, it is probably not worth the upgrade to iPhone 6 since it probably has little more to offer just like the previous iPhone versions (for instance upgrading from a 4S to a 5). The iPhone 6 would only offer a few more superior features to the iPhone 5S; and the obvious one is the speed and the efficiency and for the second time in history the display will increase its size from 4 inches to 4.7 inches diagonally. Some users like to keep their phones small and that is fair. Sometimes a choice of smartphones is about comparing the quality of portability in regards to how it fits in your pocket. For a 4.7 inch iPhone; people will probably need a pair of pants to have the pockets large enough to fit the iPhone 6 in.

On the other hand – There is no doubt that non iPhone users would change their phone to an iPhone for instance some Android customers are a primary example who newly became an Apple customer. Old iPhone models over the past four years will be obsolete in terms of its iOS firmware not being supported. iOS 6 and older will no longer be supported so upgrading to a new phone this year would be about the right time for the old iPhone users to get their hands on to their new flagship device and give it a real spin.

iPhoneOS (first iOS) to iOS 7 as of 2013/14


The iPhone product line through out each cycle has widely been regarded as the number one Android killer of all time and WindowsPhone is about to pick up their momentum in the smartphone market. Apple has always been exceeding their records in sales every year but the answer remains to be seen as soon as the iPhone 6 is to be released world wide. ( (release date: 9.9/2014).

For those of you who are cautious about buying a new released phone, it is suggested that you would have to wait for at least a couple of weeks to hear the feed backs. New released phones may more likely to have bugs or tiny imperfections in a relation to its exact full specifications.


Third eye (google glass) experience

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So I was at the Agricultural Fieldays at Mystery Creek, New Zealand during mid June and I came across to the information stall held by the computer science staff from the University of Waikato. This is I where I tried putting the Google Glass on and it was a really nice device. You will get an irresistible feeling that you might want to use it more one day.

Talking to google glass is easy; you’ll start by saying “okay glass” and tell it what to do. I asked it to do video recording and it just does that, simple.

What you will see in google glass is that there will be a screen that is virtually about your arm length away from your eye as if it is a smartphone screen. Another feature you will experience is the touch pad on the right hand side to navigate between pages and…

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Why wearable techs for the future?


iPhone first generation

2007 was the year when Apple introduced the first smartphone to the world “The original iPhone”. Since Apple had claimed the invention of a capacitive touch screen phone that made millions of peoples’ lives so much easier. This has been recognized as one of the most unprecedented eras in the history of the technology world today. Awarded “The invention of the year” in December 2007 issue.


iPhone first generation and iPhone 5S Space Gray

The smartphone industry has reached in every corners of life and all walks of life where we never get to experience things like that before; many people for instance are able to surf through the net wirelessly and away from home, keeping up to date with friends and family and follow the news. People today cannot simply deny the fact that such a mobile device is more than an option to have it, but when you use it, it seems like you really need it where ever and whenever you go in other words a mobile device becomes second nature to you.


If you want to know more about google glass please do check out one of my earlier blog posts on my blog.


In this blog today, we are going to be discussing about wearable tech stuff. We may all know that google glass exists right despite heavy rumours about an array of smart watches heating up in the market like the upcoming Apple iWatch.


Me wearing google glass.

Google glass seems to be the only computerized eyewear product line appearing in the spotlight coming into the market(at least for now). They are available through google as you register to become one of the explorers or developers and can be purchased on ebay. The google glass is currently in beta version and is being tested by 1000s of people worldwide.

Google glass as one of the wearable technologies today has stretched deeper into the areas of efficiency and productivity where it can be improvised mainly for people as they work and play. Google glass is a break through idea that changes a lot of things the way we approach our day to day activities. As you wear the google glass you will use them to guide where you want to go or how you want it to help you. (e.g. start by saying “Okay glass” then it will have the on screen prompt while it will start listening to you directly, next, say something like “start video recording” and the Google glass just does that for you. Easy!) Google glass can define how you interpret your ideas to other people with an improved clarity if you show them what you saw or experienced or what kind of information you want to give out. This eyewear also gives people a better sense of privacy since that there is no way a person can look over a person’s shoulder with google glass.

Some uses of the Google glass can be used for navigation, quick browsing the web, snap a photo or may even be an online magazine, you name it.


For the disabled

A few days ago I had a person who asked me about how useful could Google glass revolutionize the way it would guide the immobility people and I stopped and thought about it for a few moments. I thought it isn’t really a bad idea after all but a good one, but from what I can say about the computerized eyewear is that it minimizes the effort to utilize it as mainly as an internet browser, video recorder, camera and navigation. A smartphone may be one idea to get the information you might need but having a high tech glass lens on your eye and then the next second you get that information quickly.

Say if a person is paralysed then it does not limit too much for him or her to be able to use Google glass, since the person could only use voice or use the capacitive touch pad in glass for finger swipe to navigate when their arms are useable.

For the businessmen

Google glass would indeed be a useful accessory for the business people. It is mostly useful to keep them well organized and on track with their daily agendas. The information a person could be finding will get to them instantaneously; just right in front of their eye by talking to glass. Excellent device for presentations so a business person will be able to keep track at what message he/she is trying to deliver to the audience.

Wearing google glass for business in my opinion is deemed professional and therefore it improvises productivity as well as efficiency. It’s a useful tool that allows your hands to have more freedom.

For the fun

If the Google glass were for the other users like you then it offers you an exhilarating experience as you would use for a purpose or for some personal interest. You will get to experience the things around you like no other people has ever experienced before. You will use it at any part in life and it acts like a third eye for you. What we mean by third eye is that you can take pictures or video record from the very first person point of view and never have to worry about activating the camera but instead you just use your voice and say “start video recording” or even saying “take a picture”

This computerized eyewear is perfect for traveling, happy lifestyle, or may even be for demonstrating your talents or skills to other people. There are always people around you who are interested in your experience especially if it is just the normal google glass experience.


-Google glass requirements:


  • Smartphone with a downloaded glass app (latest iOS firmware or the latest Anroid firmware)
  • Gmail account
  • Developers account (optional)



Google glass is both hardware and software combined together as a wearable accessory that offers easy guidance to get people around especially in work places. This particular device in a computerized eyewear industry will become less than an optional device just like how mobile devices have become a useful personal accessory to a person over the past two decades.