Your next battery could live with you for weeks

Ryden Dual Carbon battery.


Whether it’s your phone, your acomputer or your car then this is the right article for you to read about.

Japanese based company Power Japan Plus has recently unveiled an array of newly reengineered prototype batteries that charges up to 20 times faster and it’s battery life surpasses any other standard Lithium ion batteries. Lithium Ion batteries are found mostly in mobile computers and smartphones and sometimes found in battery powered cars.

(PJP)Power Japan Plus has tested the cars with their integrated innovation that enables the cars’ travelling distance for up to 480 km on a single charge.

The batteries are mostly made of carbon that is 100% recyclable, cheaper, and safer to use. Not only the batteries can be used for the car industry but having to extend further into other areas (for instance: smartphones, laptops) that would use carbon batteries could all be one of the possibilities. Carbon batteries are environmentally friendly since it’s 100% recyclable, safer to use, and inexpensive to mass produce.

An everyday problem in smartphones, tablets and laptops (regardless of the peoples knowledge) powered by Li-Ion batteries may no longer be the norm. A device that has Li-Ion batteries could be in the house, at work or at college. People should not be alarmed by its hazardous materials that it contains; a lot of people are already exposed to it so it may require some personal precautions when handling any mobile devices or laptops etc.

Ryden Dual Carbon batteries would be a killer solution to everyone’s everyday common problems. The battery will ultimately last longer and charge up almost in no time as the device is being plugged in to the wall. It will also have more charge cycles (therefore the battery quality will last longer) about 400 – 500 charge cycles.