Third eye (google glass) experience


So I was at the Agricultural Fieldays at Mystery Creek, New Zealand during mid June and I came across to the information stall held by the computer science staff from the University of Waikato. This is I where I tried putting the Google Glass on and it was a really nice device. You will get an irresistible feeling that you might want to use it more one day.

Talking to google glass is easy; you’ll start by saying “okay glass” and tell it what to do. I asked it to do video recording and it just does that, simple.

What you will see in google glass is that there will be a screen that is virtually about your arm length away from your eye as if it is a smartphone screen. Another feature you will experience is the touch pad on the right hand side to navigate between pages and interfaces.

The owner of the google glass said that I was one one of the first people in NZ to ever try google glass, so I felt lucky and proud.

My opinion about google glass and the future is that the computerized eyewear industry takes us to a whole new level in a way that it completely revolutionize the way we interpret other peoples point of view. I’d say it’s good for holidays, demonstrations (increased familiarity when learn something new or tell people how to etc.) and memories too.

One of the only places where you can purchase google glass (as of for now) is to become an explorer for google as you sign up or buy it off ebay. I recommend to try it on first if you know anyone who’s got google glass.

Estimated price: about US$1500