My road to career X (unknown)


For those who don’t know me, my name is Ally (aka Alistair) and I am an I.T. Degree student based in Hamilton New Zealand. I’m also a social media enthusiast and an Intern for EcoSynergyGroup involved in the ongoing project of a facebook page called Story Behind Every NZ Youth:

Since I’m a social media intern for a facebook page I continue to move forward with all my time and energy as it has always been worth while and to see how far I can get from there.

Some say I’m more of a tech savvy, some say I may be a bit of a freak and off course there are some who think that I’m just an ordinary human being but at the end I’m just myself and I enjoy with what I do in many different situations but I’m still happy. Being happy is what really counts in life…. thats how I value it as one of the importance to live well.

Let’s start of with talking about my high school life. My life at high school was neither too bad or too good, despite experiencing some down times but I had some good times too. I did get a few awards for something outstanding but I thought to myself that I truly worked hard for what I deserved. Some of the known work pieces I had at school was my graphics with a bit of math and science.

I enjoyed a lot of sports including athletics but the one a liked the best was football (soccer). I also played a bit of music but I mostly did my violin until the age of 15 for nearly 8 years.

I guess my best years in my high school was 2007 and 2008 and those were my peak times but as I battled through 2009 that was my biggest downfall in my entire life. 2010 was pretty much my relaxing year but needing a bit more school credits to fill in my qualifications towards my higher education.

In 2011 I was doing my bridging course in National Computing Certificate to get a good feel of getting to a higher level. I thought I didnt like computers back then but then I went and moved on to do the draughting course for two years part time and dropped out in mid 2013.

I had really mixed feelings about 2013 there was a mixture of good parts and bad parts but I want to forget the bad parts altogether. I became involved in AIESEC in 2013 and got promoted to the position for Wintec as an Expansion Manager. Since I was in this position I learnt a lot from it while it has been a rewarding experience and continued on to push me further but my period of that position has ended in disaster and subsequently got ousted from the organisation. What I felt about leaving my position was that it really hurts not being able to do the stuff that hasn’t yet been finished.

I mean the unanswered question is how can I help them to achieve the common goal within the AIESEC Local Committee? The only thing I wanted to help AIESEC is to provide opportunities to the other students at Wintec and I felt that something I could have done was really missing. If I had continued on then it wouldn’t negatively impact too much for what the organisation was really focusing on. But it was a totally difficult decision when I resigned from AIESEC despite having to gain a lot of personal values and experience well over nothing.

Today I am currently doing my first year in I.T. and I thought it has been the courage to be on this pathway as I understood more about myself and what i wanted to do with my future and this is where I feel I can accomplish great challenging things.

In my spare time I’ve been focusing on fine tuning my social media platform and basically turn my academic life as an interest a hobby and everything seems to fit in together well. Social life, family life, own time also comes in together too and I feel happy and not only that, I’m also a constant thinker about getting ideas down for my future career prospects.

Offcourse there are great opportunities I could take into an account: working in a telecommunications industry, or a great company, could it be social media but all of that could as well be some of the possibilities but if any of those options doesn’t work then it doesn’t effect too much with how I am moving on. “What drives me to go forward is I always refuse to give up and give it all for what it takes to get better at the end” this is what makes me unique that allows me to step back a bit and think about collaborating ideas and make it innovatively creative because thats what I like doing (I like technologies off course) I do have a feeling that I do see myself as being a business worker one day.

As you have been reading this blog, I’ve been writing blogs week in, week out and it hasn’t been an easy job but its worth it. I not only do blogging but I also use twitter and a bit of youtube.

Thank you for reading my story so far.



By Alistair


P.S. Feel free to read more blogs I will compose weekly or fortnightly. I mainly talk about technologies. My target audience is those who care about the technologies that shape our lives easier.